A moment in time to remember ….

November 5th 2018.

Confess am not a great fan of fireworks …the stars and moon can never be beaten for me …..but as life was lying heavy in my heart tonight, I wandered up through the village for a little walk and came upon this beautiful metal artwork of a WW1 soldier at our Kilkhampton war memorial.

It quite took my breath away …the picture does it no justice. I just stood in front of the gleaming statue tears rolling down my face as the sound of the rockets exploded around me. The faint screams of childhood awe echoed from the safety of their gardens as the fireworks flew into the skies.

For a moment I was transported to another time when instead of the innocence of childhood it was the screaming echo of dying men that accompanied the exploding blasts of death. I just can’t imagine the pain and fear these soldiers – or those in subsequent times – were faced with. And all for us, our freedom.. yet so many of us languish in the prison of our minds and the petty squabbles that taint the miracle of a day.

I hope that somewhere in the Universe, these courageous souls can still hear our hearts say ‘Thank You’ and I can’t help but feel that their response to us would be to please Love even harder and with the insurmountable kindness and courage that our generation needs xxxx