A very warm welcome to my world! 
My name is Carolyn Seager and I'm the owner of The Wave Wisdom Spa, Braunton North Devon. In short, I'm a portfolio entrepreneur, working as a photographic artist, writer, publicist, holistic lifestyle consultant and empowerment coach. 
And I'm here to serve you.  
You'll see from this site that North Devon plays an integral part of my world. It is indeed, part of my very being. For those of us who are children of the tides, the call of the Ocean is a hightly powerful one, isn't it?
And that's why, after many years working as an International PR in London, I returned to these golden beaches of my childhood, yearning for the wild energy of the sea, the untamed coastline and the unending hope promised by the freedom of the horizon.
This seems a zeitgeist for our time, for I find that many others are now seeking that same connection, finding refuge from humanity's ego in the ever expanding, infinite heartbeat of Mother Nature.
Are you one of them?

Yes, much of my work is inspired by my happy childhood here in Devon, whether it be my seascape photography, my portraiture, my books, poems or coaching - those Ocean memories breathe life into everything I create.  
Joy filled memories are so precious aren't they? I'm sure you remember your adventures along the shoreline as a child. How powerfully they sculpt our adult being and connect us to those we love and those who may have departed.
When we walk along the beach, we're so easily transported back to that safer, happier world. A world of pure joy, of playfulness and creativity.
A world of sunlight on your face. 
I remember my Grandmother (she who was still climbing up the Woolacombe dunes at the age of ninety-eight) telling me that the angel rays which cascaded down from the skies over the sea, were messages from the souls up in heaven. And so, many of my seascapes feature this ethereal light, gifted to me on my daily walks along Saunton, Croyde and Woolacombe.
I hope they deliver a message from the souls up in heaven to you. 
And please, when you see my artwork, remember how it feels when the clouds part and you're bathed in the sun's illumination. Remember the joy-filled family days of ice cream and salty, tingling skin. Remember the love that surrounded you and beauty of feeling safe.
Because then, any illusions of fear imprisoning your mind will be instantly washed away.  The huge beams of light from the Atlantic skies will shower you in perfection, beacons of hope and shimmering portals to worlds afar.  Worlds where there is no separation, where you are as one, where there is only, Love. 

Yes, on beaches like Saunton and Woolacombe, the skin between worlds  becomes so tantalisingly thin, you feel you could almost spread your wings and let the illusion of time melt into obscurity. 

Please know, that my art and my books are here to help you feel that you are walking amidst this beauty daily, and that you too are hearing the message of wisdom carried in every tide.  My one intent, is that you may truly feel empowered by this connection and use my art as a window for your own freedom, a portal to the beauty of your own soul’s existence and a doorway to all the peace that lies beyond and within. 

If you find this message resonates with you please feel free to join me on a journey a while longer. If you'd like to sign up to my Wisdom Wisdom emails and blogs, please feel free , I'll do my best to relay the messages the waves on a regular basis.  I also have a little Wave Wisdom Spa opening here in Braunton too so please keep in touch, say hi on social media (@seagerworld) or come by my site at www.carolynseager.co.uk. 
Carolyn xx
The Wave Wisdom Spa, Braunton - North Devon and Proud 
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