Purpose Has Power

Yes, purpose truly has power and it will bring us through the darkest of hours. I've been helping a lot of ladies start their own heart centred businesses recently....pop over to my PR site to learn more, but ladies I salute you, it's time to light up the world.  #womeninbusiness #Devon #Cornwall

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Hope On The Horizon

  2024 - A Time Of Chaos Birthing Great Compassion, Creativity And Collaboration  Maybe. I do know that I look forward to the new paradigms shining bright upon our horizon and will enjoy supporting those with the insight and courage to create them. For now, I'm just nurturing that old staple called 'truth' and focussing my mindset only on the best outcomes for our special little 'blue dot' and all the innovative efforts of those who are doing the same. Stepping it up a level at Seagertowers and wishing you a magical day. Truth.   #vanlifepondering #newparadigm #life #2024

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Wave Wisdom Daily Blog

Thank you for entrusting me with your time in reading this blog the context of which has been taken from my first edition of Wave Wisdom emails.  I’m mighty honoured to ride this tide of thought with you and if you’d like a little more, please keep tuned in and if you wish, sign up for my free daily Wave ...

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