The Light Of Hope

I just wanted to drop by to give you all the biggest of hugs. Since last I wrote, our little island has gone through some traumatic occurrences. But in these, the darkest of times, even the smallest glimmer of light can keep hope alive.  And so, my huge thanks to everyone out there who, through their love, courage and kindness, is being that light of hope today. One small act of kindness, can change the whole world for someone. You've changed mine, by reading this.  I'm truly grateful.  From North Devon with Love

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Widdy Waddy World

Well, my second blog and what a day! Election results.   As we all absorb the state of our country this morning, a couple of words come to mind.   Widdy Waddy.  This is a Devonshire term for someone, something or some state that can't quite make a decision and is constantly going round in circles. Cute eh?  So, as a professional Devon Widdy Waddy of many years longstanding, I thought it might be right and proper to apply for a Communications position in the Commons this morn. For where better for a Widdy Waddy to be than in Widdy Waddy world? (Say widdy waddy three times and I defy you not to have a smile on your election weary face). Communication strategies...

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Reflections on Life

    Because life is just a reflection of your thoughts   I guess one of our most basic desires is to be validated. To know that we mean something.  So, may I just take this opportunity to say to you  ... I hear you; I truly see you; what you're saying means something; you're not alone and you do really, really matter ...." Please be kind to each other, and when next you glance, see the beauty of your reflection.  From North Devon With Love xxx       

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