Widdy Waddy World

Well, my second blog and what a day!
Election results.  
As we all absorb the state of our country this morning, a couple of words come to mind.  
Widdy Waddy. 
This is a Devonshire term for someone, something or some state that can't quite make a decision and is constantly going round in circles.
Cute eh? 
So, as a professional Devon Widdy Waddy of many years longstanding, I thought it might be right and proper to apply for a Communications position in the Commons this morn.
For where better for a Widdy Waddy to be than in Widdy Waddy world?
(Say widdy waddy three times and I defy you not to have a smile on your election weary face).
Communication strategies I'm looking to install:-
a) Garden time with Jeremy, because  if you can communicate with an angry carrot it'll stand you in great stead for negotiations with certain leaders of the free world.  
b) Sea salt space clearing before entering the Chamber - get that bad doo doo out of there people, we want high vibes only.
c) Wisdom Wave Meditations preceding Prime Minister's question time, because let's face it, a direct line with higher consciousness wouldn't go amiss at this juncture
c) Lunchtime paddle boarding on the Thames - crucial for core strength and rebalance as you negotiate the political rapids
d) Wave massage during all Brexit negotiations to increase flexibility. With or without the coconut oil? Well, there's always room for manoeuvre on this one Brussels... be fluid dudes...
e) Daily biodynamic beekeeping duties, good practise for the hornets nest you'll bound to get embroiled in.
What do you reckon?
Ahhh you see Britain, have ney fear, you're in safe hands after all.
And remember, if all else fails, we still have our cracking sense of humour to fall back on.
Keep smiling out there.
From North Devon with Love xxx