The Magic of Saunton

This month’s special collection reveals the transcendental beauty of North Devon’s glorious Saunton Sands.

Many of these pieces are now hanging for you to view at Saunton Sands Villas, Saunton; North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple; Wild Thyme Cafe, Braunton and Willow Fashion, Westward Ho!

When you look the reflections of beauty cast upon the white sand, know that they are the reflection of your own inner beauty.

When you see the sparkle of the light dancing free upon the waves, know that it is your own inner light dancing free upon the waves of life.

And when you see the Sun illuminating the skies and leaving its trail of golden beauty, know that it is your illumination that is lighting up the world, and your trail of beauty which is left in your wake.

From North Devon, With Love xxxx