Together We Will Rise ...

I’m exceptionally thrilled to announce my next exhibition which will be held at The Square Gallery, Battersea Square, London on July 8th 2017, 11am – 4.30pm
This will be a portfolio exhibition featuring the following collections:-
A collection of female portraiture celebrating the strength, wisdom and true beauty of women who have overcome life changing challenges. I shall be joined by two inspirational women whose portraits will be on show, each of which will be presenting a short talk about their lives.
12 Midday – The Iron Will Of Caroline Bramwell
In 2004 Caroline was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an autoimmune condition where the body’s infection defences start to attack healthy tissue. Four years down the line, Caroline was practically housebound and in constant, severe pain. After much soul searching, she eventually decided to undergo stoma surgery and hasn’t looked back since. Having lost over two stone in weight, six months after surgery Caroline had taken up cycling and had successfully ridden from London to Paris in under 24hours for charity.
But that wasn’t the end of it.
Three years ago Caroline learnt to swim and, to cut a long story short, she’s now well on track to become an Ironman Triathlete.
Caroline will be talking about why you shouldn’t be frightened of surgery, about turning negatives into positives and about working towards your dream, knowing that you can achieve it.
I guess we may not always be able to control the hand we’re dealt, be we can control the way we react to it – and Caroline will show you how.
By the way, we decided to do the shoot with the ileostomy bag clearly in view and I’m glad, because there’s nothing more beautiful or feminine than a woman who is proud to being herself.
You can read Caroline’s story at – it is well worth visiting!
1pm – In the Moment with Lucy McCance.

Lucy McCance is a breast cancer survivor, currently going through chemotherapy. Lucy asked me to take her portrait during her cancer treatments because, even through the toughest, most gruelling aspects of her chemo, she wanted to let other women know that this process could be faced with courage, humour and dignity.

To help her through the treatment, Lucy thought of her body as an art form, one that challenged our media’s traditional view of feminine beauty born from centuries of patriarchy. Lucy’s portraits proudly reveal the true beauty of her scars, whilst her bare head is adorned with a spiralling cascade of henna tattoos.

Lucy will be talking about her cancer experience, and providing hope and inspiration for all those who are facing similar challenges. As Lucy says, “Wherever possible, I’ve sought to embrace all the new experiences that cancer has brought me, trusting that they are temporary, and seeking to make the most of them.”

Lucy is a woman who is not just a picture of infinite beauty, humour and courage, she IS infinite beauty, humour and courage.

I know you’ll find her talk an inspiration.  
For more information on my portraiture please feel free to visiting my website at 

A collection of surf and wave orientated artwork and fine art seascapes illustrating the healing, transcendental beauty of the North Devon coastline. I’ll also be launching my book entitled, The Wisdom Of Waves – A Companion For Your Soul.

My hope is that this little combo of waves and words will help all those experiencing life’s hardships – bereavement, stress, illness and depression.

#The Muse

A series of female portraits inspired by the many faces of talented actress and comedienne, Leanne Stott. Whether depicting the glamorous star, the mother, the career girl, the girl next door, the lover or the Goddess, Leanne perfectly creates her character to depict the raw and infinite beauty of the Feminine.

For more information on this magnificent actress, please go to

Featuring a collection of metallic and Chromaluxe® fine art prints showcasing the magical beauty of wild horses – including AHHC Spanish Mustangs and Devon’s own Dartmoor and Exmoor Ponies. These images show us why it has always been said that these magical creatures can ride between worlds.

Join them on their journey, let them take you to other worlds ….. just trust.