A Wave Wisdom Gift Postcard With Bespoke Message.
A Wave Wisdom Gift Postcard With Bespoke Message.

A Wave Wisdom Gift Postcard With Bespoke Message.

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Would you like a little snapshot of Ocean beauty sent straight to your door. Then why not purchase my Wave Wisdom written postcard. My Wave Wisdom postcards come in a variety of inspiring images, each with a bespoke message written by me for the recipient. It may feature a small piece of poetry, an uplifting anecdote or small piece of wisdom to uplift and shine a light. 

The postcards come in a variety of images and are chosen by me from my most current portfolio. The message on the postcard are always uplifting but the more detail you give me about the recipient and their circumstances eg. are they celebrating a special occasion, getting married, having a birthday, finding life touch, in mourning etc. the better I can attune my message.  There will be a notes box at checkout on which you can write your message and tell me a little bit more about the you or the recipient. 

If you are buying the postcard service as a gift, please also attach the recipient's address in the same special notes section at check out. I will also send you a pdf of the postcard and its message so that you may share in the experience with the person you have bought the gift for.  

The postcard is signed my me as the artist and is  6x4" in size so that it may be mounted in an 8x10" mount, placed in a frame of your choice and used as a piece of artwork in its own right. 

Postage is free in the UK and is delivered by Royal Mail First Class post .